1 thought on “Hamm: Racial Minorities in the Occupy Movement [AUDIO AND TEXT]

  1. great question probably better posed to a person of color.

    the segmentation of identity politics and the demographics of oppression are breaking down faster then the cliches espoused from the democratic party’s election victory play book (a grand alliance of labor, women, minorities and liberals). Like a Cara Walker piece its difficult to discern the line that separates the caricature of stereotype and and the reality of humanness.

    we ask where are the women in the fight for women’s issues and how a great majority of young women look to Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann as leaders in the struggle for women’s rights.

    we also ask the same question of America’s youth and why they are not out in the streets demonstrating against two decade long wars. Same question posed to the religious leaders so prevalent in American politics. Have they forgotten, “blessed are the peace makers?”

    perhaps we can learn from Chris Hedges and the failure of liberals and understand why people of color remain so thoroughly invested in a president of color who prefers addressing his paymasters on Wall Street then getting down to solving the problems of his homeboys on 125th Street. He can whistle an Al Green tune but he’ll never dance to the music of the earnest drums banging down the walls of intransigence protecting the old world order

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